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 Cake for Leroy, is something that I knew I had to do from the beginning. I have loved cooking and baking since I can remember. I would have pajama parties as a child… making menus and cooking for my friends… thinking one day I would have a store or a restaurant when I grew up. Well… 34 years and 2 kids later I never had the chance to do it. Being a single Mom … starting my own business did not seem like an option since I was the only “bread winner”… so I just got enjoyment out of cooking for my friends and family.

One day a customer of mine at my regular job, came into my office and we started to talk. I knew that he had been successful with several different types of businesses and decided to ask him what he thought I could do to start a business… catering… baking or something…

We ended up talking for about an hour… and Leroy told me that if I enjoy it and am passionate about it…  “Just do it”, even part time while I was still working… but to start small and at least get my name out there. He said not to be scared and just try it… especially if I love doing it. He said “You would be surprised… just take the first step… take one step and God will take two”… The conversation got me very inspired and I started to think that maybe I could really do this…

Two weeks after this conversation, Leroy passed away of an unexpected heart attack…

Even though I did not know him very well… I knew I needed to honor his spirit and inspiring words in some way… and soon knew exactly how… and “A Cake for Leroy” was born.

Four times a year, I will make a cake … birthday, wedding or other special occasion for someone who cannot afford it. I want to do this in honor of Leroy Fanning and how he unknowingly inspired me to follow my passion.

If you are in need…or know someone who is… please send an email with your story and I will select four per year to help someone on their special day.

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